Flitch House - Gridline K

Flitch House is a Grade II listed 18th Century house located in the Historic Rochester Conservation Area and the Rochester Castle and Cathedral Precinct. It was originally a grand double-bay fronted three-storey structure. Half the house was demolished after it was burnt down during the Food Riots of 1796. The second floor was removed in 1955 because of its poor state.

Our client purchased Flitch House as a private home and asked us to reinstate the second floor with a contemporary extension to provide an open plan ‘pleasure lounge’ with stunning views of Rochester Castle and the River Medway.

This video explains the critical importance of Gridline K.

It’s the name of the construction setting out gridline where the entire new second-floor roof touches down at a single point in the middle of the floor. Spreader flitch beams concealed in the floor ensure that no point loads are imposed on the historic structure below.

Our consultant engineers, Alan Baxter Partnership, agree that this design is at the very limit of what is structurally possible.

The results are, our clients house increases in size by a third, the new living space has wonderful views, and the new second floor protects, enhances and extends the use and life of the listed building below.